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Batavia Chamber of Commerce endorses Tri-City Broadband Initiative
"Broadband initiative will lead the Tri-City area into the future"

The Batavia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has extended an endorsement and given its support to the Tri-City Broadband Initiative. In a letter dated February 27th, 2003, the Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the broadband initiative will lead the Tri-City area into the future.

"The Board of Directors understands that many businesses within the Chamber are underserved by the current suppliers," the Chamber of Commerce states. "The utility will enhance economic development in Batavia by attracting and retaining businesses. The state-of-the-art infrastructure will push Batavia ahead of the competition and create a better quality of life."

Batavia resident Wolfgang Gruener, co-chair for Fiber For Our Future, a citizen group in support of the broadband referendum in the Tri-Cities welcomed the Chamber's endorsement. "We are grateful to the Batavia Chamber of Commerce for understanding the enormous benefits this infrastructure will bring to all three cities and especially to Batavia. The Chamber has correctly perceived that this project is more than just cable TV, light-speed internet, and phone. It is a proactive way of deciding the economic and educational destinies of the Tri-Cities."

Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles have a long-standing history of not being afraid to be different and serve their citizens with state of the art services. Unlike most cities, the Tri-Cities operate their own electric utilities. Batavia started its electric utility management back in 1889. The benefits to citizens are lower rates than those of the private sector and a customer service which puts citizens in it's focus. "We believe a Tri-City broadband utility, following the exemplary model set out by our electric utilities, would benefit all people and businesses in the area," said Gruener. "We should not have to wait for the private sector to decide when it is time for Batavia to move ahead in telecommunications. Now is the time to break free from the grip of telecom giants." Fiber For Our Future believes that all three cities have done their homework and provide a compelling scenario for a successful broadband utility. "It is time to set the path for our future," said Gruener.

The Tri-City project is unprecedented in Illinois and has many other communities around the country with similar plans, watching and waiting. The broadband project goes before voters in the three cities on April 1st, 2003.

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