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LINKS TO INTERESTING NEWS - also see the message board for recent stories LINKS TO OUR PRESS RELEASES

Funny political cartoon "Commiecast" / Tie to Geneva's recent eminent domain problems - Kane County Chronicle 11-13-2005 (Cartoon only here)

Annie Collins Debates Jack McCabe on BATV - Watch video 10-26-04

Broadband ads to be nicer in '04 - Daily Herald - 10-14-04

Political Cartoon from the Opinion Page: "The Batavia Chamber gets it. Time to get on board Geneva & St. Charles Chambers!" - Daily Herald - 10-03-04

"The Art of Negotiation" from the Opinion Page - KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE - 08-01-04

Political Cartoon from the Opinion Page - KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE - 08-01-04

Jim Baller @ Fermi Lab - Video from the July 21st Colloquium at Fermi National Labs - 07-26-04

Political Cartoon from the Opinion Page - Daily Herald - 07-25-04

Why municipal broadband is good for the TriCities - Video from the July 7th, 2004 Open Panel discussion

SBC Visits Batavia City Council - Video File with commentary - 07-06-04

Again, if local broadband were truly such a bad idea... - 6-23-04 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE

Broadband backers try new tack - 6-13-04 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE

Fiber to the Home Council press release 5-19-04
List of Communities with Fiber Optic to the Home 5-19-04
Our second full-page ad (pdf)
Our first full-page ad (pdf)
Batavia Chamber of Commerce endorses Tri-City Broadband Initiative
Fiber For Our Future Offering Free Broadband Education (pdf)
Citizen Group Launches 'Fiber For Our Future'
Our response to a recent opinion column 5-20-04 Kane County Chronicle  
Carlini opines about our renewed effort 3-31-04 ePrairie  
Towns prove success with broadband 03-29-04 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE  
Tri-Cities broadband resurfaces  03-28-04 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE  
Comcast Change Prompts Complaints 03-05-04   
More municipalities building their own 03-01-04 C/Net  
Heard of "The Future Faster"?  02-23-03   
High-Speed SONET to Your Illinois Door? SBC, Comcast Say No  12-18-03 ePrairie  
"Comcast gave us what we wanted"  11-19-03 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE
Comcast draws fire for changes 10-31-03 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE
Senate Rejects SBC Bill 5-9-03 CHICAGO SUN TIMES
Guest Editorial 5-6-03 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE
Illinois Lawmakers Should Recall SBC's Broken Promises 4-5-03 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE
Election spectrum analysis 4-5-03 KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE
Committees debate broadband proposal
Broadband is a worthy investment for Geneva 3-27-03 Letter to the Editor  
The Tri-Cities are not an island 3-27-03 Letter to the Editor  
Tri-Cities broadband campaign gets intense CHICAGO TRIBUNE 3-26-03  
Tri-Cities Debate Over Broadband Continues DAILY HERALD 3-26-04  
Rules of Engagement 3-21-03  
A Study of Municipal Broadband Networks (pdf)  
An Interview with Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns 3-12-03  
Letter to the Editor 3-13-03  
For those who think fiber optic broadband is "outdated" or might be replaced by wireless... 3-7-03  
EXCLUSIVE: British Market Research Firm says "Municipal Broadband a Positive Development" 3-7-03  
Cities Deliver Broadband for Less - Wired News 3-7-03  
Want to know why SBC is working so hard to squash us? Of course, it's money... 2-27-03  
A letter to the editor of the KCC 2-25-03  
An editorial in the KCC by Greg Rivara 2-23-03  
Comcast, SBC say surveys 'legitimate research' 2-22-03  
Broadband Survey 'A Lie' 2-21-03  
DSL Customers brace for higher prices 2-21-03  
Broadband there's a lot of talk about us here! And here: 20 Questions  
FCC loosens broadband rules 2-20-03
Surfing with Seniors and Boomers 1-23-03  
Cities create high-speed UTOPIA 1-22-03  
Broadband Surges in 2002 1-15-03  
Vendors eye utility telecom market 1/03  
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