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Broadband is a worthy investment for Geneva
Letter to the Editor, Suburban Chicago News, The Geneva Sun

Happy with your service from Comcast (formerly AT&T Broadband)? Any problems with reception? Ever get through to their customer service and have them say that they are not aware of any problemsin your area? How do you feel about their recent cost increase, which occurred without any increase in service? What about digital cable? Did you call them any time in the last three years and have them tell you that it's coming "next year"?

How about your phone service? SBC (formerly Ameritech) doing a good job? Do you think that changing their name is going to make local service any better? Phone bill going up without any increase in service? Getting tired of Tommy Lee Jones telling you that they are better than before and that they are a direct descendant of the original Bell system? Yeah, sure.

Tired of how slow your dial-up Internet service is? Tried to get digital cable so that you could hook up a cable modem and then have them tell you that you're not scheduled for installation until "next" year? Has that happened every year for the past three years? Tried to get (expensive) digital subscriber line service but they told you you are too far from some piece of equipment?

Well, my cable service stinks; its goes out at least once a week. I haven't had local telephone problems, but the news reports and regulatory agencies say that lots of people do. I have a dial-up Internet service, want faster connections and can't get them.

Fox Valley dot Net will change all that, and save you money too.

The Fox Valley communities have a long history of successfully, inexpensively, and reliably running public utilities. In Geneva we have a competitive advantage because we have our own power system. Our power costs are 30 percent less than ComEd and a whole lot more reliable.

Can you say the same about Comcast (formerly AT&T Broadband), SBC (formerly Ameritech) or your Internet provider?

Fox Valley dot Net will provide less expensive and more reliable local phone, cable TV and Internet service. The Internet service will be faster than anything you can imagine, equivalent to what your college students have at school. And it all will cost less than you are paying now. It will give us the competitive edge in our schools, industry, employment. It will give us the ability to take advantage of all the amazing technical innovations whichwill come in the next few years.

And if you have problems with the service will you have to talk to customer service in New Jersey? Fox Valley dot Net will be run by our employees. Service not good? You can call your alderman.

The inflammatory mailer I received from Comcast recently tries to scare us with statements like "Feel like gambling with your tax dollars?" Well, there are no tax dollars involved with Fox Valley dot Net. As long as there is a 30 percent usage rate (30 percent!), the system will pay for itself in three years. Do you really believe that 30 percent of Tri-Cities residents will not want to get better, less expensive service?

Save yourself some cash, get genuine good customer service, and build for your and your children's future. Remember, hundreds of cities have successfully, and inexpensively, done this.

Vote for Fox Valley dot Net on April 1. Chuck Wettergreen Geneva


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