What does it say to you when 2 megacorps spend big money to send out full color,
double-sided mailers to EVERY home in 3 zip codes?
That they're concerned about YOUR taxes? Hardly.
If Comcast & SBC are willing to go this far to fight a CITIZEN'S group, do you think we're on to something?
Is it really the place of 2 non-local companies to try and influence YOUR vote?
Why do they REALLY want to stop you from voting YES?

Check status of the Elections
St. Charles

Also see Broadband Reports for a piece they're running today about Munibroadband and Elections entitled
Greed, Lies, and 'Progress'
Corporations and American broadband

Just when you thought Comcast & SBC had reached new lows.....
See SBC's FIFTH disinfo mailer.
Amazing that SBC can try to use the Daily Herald's "YES" endorsement against us.
Looking in the Kane County Chronicle, in the front section (a mere 16 pages)
you'll see 3 FULL PAGE ADS (2 from Comcast, 1 from SBC).

There's so much garbage today...where do we begin?
See SBC's FOURTH disinfo mailer,
plus a very special letter from a "concerned" Kirk Brannock and Carrie Hightman of SBC,
and this precious Hallmark card from our "Friends at Comcast" .
More full page ads to come as we get them scanned.

Comcast's SECOND disinfo mailer

SBC's THIRD disinfo mailer.
Also, you may have SBC employees going door to door this weekend
asking you to vote no and handing out this.
Pass along your stories here

It started out great this morning with Lt.Gov. Pat Quinn's endorsements,
but the day has ended with calls from an Oklahoma call center urging residents to vote NO.
Comcast has accepted the blame.

A new list of fiber optic communities From the Fiber To The Home Council.

SBC's SECOND disinfo mailer. The full page ad has now run every day since 10/14/04.
Some people have reported phone polls too.
Wonder how much they've spent so far......

FFOF Treasurer Greg Snider responds to the SBC mailer.
Read his "Guest View" from the Kane County Chronicle.

Comcast has finally entered the fray. See their FIRST disinfo mailer.

SBC's FIRSTdisinfo mailer of the year and a brand new full page ad.

How do the items above jive with this?

What about all these "failures" Comcast & SBC like to talk about?

Send an email to info@tricitybroadband.com or call (630) 761-2978


Also see the websites of our "Sisters in Arms" around the country.

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Lafayette, Louisiana


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