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If you are happy with your current provider of cable TV or satellite TV, you can stay with them and you won't need to change a thing. Same is true for your telephone service and Internet connection.

If I want just ONE of the services, do I have to take all three?

NO. You can pick and choose one, two, or all three of the services, once broadband is established.

A typical design for the patch panel that would be installed on every home and business.
Photo courtesy of the Chelan County(Washington) Public Utility District

See more photos here

Why should you vote for this if you're not going to switch?

Municipal Services: today and in the future
With fiber optic connected to every home and business, our cities will have the capability of quicker response to fire alarms, remote reading of electric meters, and a host of other services that would benefit our citizens.

And this state-of-the-art technology will position us to take advantage of new technologies and capabilities as they become available over the next 20 years without changing anything in our infrastructure.

Business Development: good for all of us
Businesses would have an affordable business-quality Internet connection that would encourage more businesses to locate here. An increase in the number of businesses locating in our towns would be an economic benefit to us all.

Making your home more attractive to buyers
If you want or need to sell your home, the fiber optic broadband utility will make it much more attractive to potential buyers.

Competition is a good thing
The municipal broadband would also provide competition for the current providers and could encourage them to lower their rates to stay competitive. And it could also encourage them to provide better customer service.

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